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Easthampstead Park Location

Nestled right Between Wokingham and Bracknell in the Glorious Berkshire Countryside

Directions to Easthampstead Park From The M4

  • Turn off the M4 at junction 10 and proceed left onto the A329 (M)
  • Continues approximately two miles until you reach the Jennets Park Roundabout where you'll turn off and make your way to Peacock Lane where you'll take a right turn at the roundabout.
  • The entrance to Easthampstead Park will be approximately 700 meters down Peacock Lane on your left.

Directions to Easthampstead Park From The M3

  • Turn off the M3 at junction 3 and proceed right onto the A322
  • Continues approximately five miles until you reach the Jennets Park Roundabout which is where the A322 turns into the A329(M), here you'll turn off to the left and make your way to Peacock Lane where you'll take a right turn at the roundabout.
  • The entrance to Easthampstead Park will be approximately 700 meters down Peacock Lane on your left.

Why Easthampstead Park?

The PEREFCT Event and Conferencing Location in Berkshire

Easthampstead Park is situated in the picturesque Berkshire countryside, cradled between the cities of Bracknell and Wokingham on an 80-acre property.

Its location offers several advantages that contribute to its desirability.

Proximity to Bracknell and Wokingham:
Easthampstead Park benefits from being conveniently located between two vibrant towns.Bracknell and Wokingham offer a range of amenities, including shopping centres, restaurants, entertainment venues, and leisure facilities.
Visitors to Easthampstead Park can easily explore these nearby towns and enjoy the diverse offerings they provide.
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Natural Surroundings:
The property is surrounded by the stunning Berkshire countryside, renowned for its beauty and tranquillity.
This idyllic setting allows guests at Easthampstead Park to experience a peaceful and serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
The scenic landscapes, lush greenery, and nearby woodlands create a pleasant ambiance, making it an ideal destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.
For more on what we’re doing to benefit the local ecology and the environment please view our GREEN PAGE

Easthampstead Park benefits from its accessibility to major transport routes.
The property is located near the M4 motorway, which provides easy access to London, Reading, and other areas in the South East.
Additionally, the proximity to the M3 motorway offers convenient connections to Southampton, Winchester, and other destinations.
The property is also accessible and quite close to Heathrow Airport, making it a convenient choice for international travellers.

Events and Activities:
Easthampstead Park's location makes it a popular venue for various events, including conferences, weddings, and social gatherings.
The property offers extensive facilities, including meeting rooms, event spaces, and beautiful gardens, making it an ideal choice for both corporate and private events.
Its convenient location attracts visitors from nearby areas, facilitating easy attendance and enhancing the overall experience for event attendees.
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Easthampstead Park's location between Bracknell and Wokingham, provides a unique combination of natural beauty, accessibility, and proximity to urban amenities.

Its advantageous position makes it an attractive destination for various activities, allowing guests to enjoy the best of both rural charm and modern conveniences.