A bride standing by an old gate outside at Easthampstead Hotel
Exclusive Use
Use the hotel & grounds exlusively to fulfil your wedding dreams

Exclusive Use Wedding Venue

Exclusive Wedding Venues are rare in Berkshire but have become more relevant to couples than ever before as they search for privacy and exclusivity for themselves, their families and their closest friends.  

Easthampstead Park (located between Wokingham and Bracknell), provides Wedding Exclusivity as a service, and we’ll “bend over backwards” to ensure your Wedding is truly special and meets your personalised requirements. 

There’s nothing that quite matches taking over an entire venue to share your wedding experience, and our magnificent grounds and manicured gardens are the perfect place to ensure your Special Day is afforded the chic, relaxed, and private exclusivity it deserves. 

Outdoor wedding setup in Easthampstead Park Hotel

New Years Eve Wedding Venue



Your EXCLUSIVE New New Years Eve Wedding Venue at Easthamsptead Park provides for a Wedding Date that you’re never going to forget – and neither will your family and friends! 

For many, New Year Eve is already a grand occasion, but just imagine the extra excitement of being able to then enjoy kissing your new partner (again) as the clock strikes midnight as the first New Day of your new life begins! 

Our New Years Eve Wedding Venue provides for extra excitement to make your special day EVEN MORE SPECIAL – and all on a day that has added optimism and positivity making this a perfect day and date. 

Beautiful floral wedding breakfast decor in ballroom at Easthampstead Park
Bride and groom in the grand hallway at Easthampstead Park
Young couple dancing in a garden near Easthampstead Park Hotel
Newlyweds on the background of fireworks at Easthampstead Park

Why Have A New Years Eve Wedding

Aside from the fact that holding your Wedding Day Celebrations on New Years Eve ensures your event already has excitement and anticipation “built-in”, there are many other reasons to consider New Years Eve as the perfect Wedding Date. 

  • You and your guests will NEVER forget your wedding anniversary date. 
  • There is no need to worry about a theme for your wedding as a lot of the more enjoyable elements of any wedding are already incorporated into any New Years Eve celebrations. 
  • The date is very symbolic – New Life, New Partner, New Year! 
  • Most wedding venues will want celebrations wrapped up soon after midnight but on New Years Eve extended licences are generally ALWAYS available.