new years eve wedding venue bride and groom with wedding guests holding sparklers atat easthampstead park in wokingham
New Years Eve Wedding Venue
Create Unforgettable Memories
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Magical New Years Eve Wedding Venue

Easthampstead Park in Berkshire

Your New Years Eve Wedding at Easthamsptead Park provides for a Wedding Date that you’re never going to forget – and neither will your family and friends!

For many, New Years Eve is already a grand occasion, but just imagine the extra excitement of being able to enjoy kissing your partner (again) as the clock strikes midnight as the first new day of your new life begins. 

Our New Years Eve Wedding Venue provides for extra excitement to make your celebration even more special – and all on a day that has added optimism and positivity making this a perfect time to tie the knot.

new years eve wedding venue exterior at easthampstead park in wokingham
new years eve wedding venue bride walking down the staircase at easthampstead park in wokingham
new years eve wedding venue ceremony in terrace at easthampstead park in wokingham

New Years Eve Wedding Package

Celebrate the magic of love and new beginnings with our exclusive New Years Eve 2024 Wedding Package at Easthampstead Park. Immerse yourself in the magic of the occasion while enjoying amazing savings and exclusive perks.

New Years Eve Wedding Package Breakdown:

  • Venue Hire Savings: Secure our stunning venue for your special day at an unbeatable rate of £360.00 (Reduced from £3,500.00).
  • Complimentary Suite The Night Prior: Indulge in the luxury of our Honeymoon Suite the night before your wedding (Saving you £179).
  • Complimentary Suite The Night Of: Retreat back to the Honeymoon Suite after a day of wedding celebrations (Saving you £179).
  • Complimentary Guest Accommodation: Offer the treat of 5 of our stylish standard bedrooms for your special guests (Saving you £654).
  • Complimentary New Year's Toast: Usher in 2025 with style and enjoy a complimentary toast for 80 guests (Saving you £630).
  • Complimentary Extended Celebration: Dance the night away with a complimentary late license until 1am (Saving you £350.00).
  • Delectable Canapes: Treat your guests to a selection of 4 exquisite canapes priced at £12.00 per person (Eligible for 80 guests).
  • Modern Wedding Package: Immerse yourself in the epitome of elegance with our Modern Wedding Package priced at £135.00 per person (Eligible for 80 guests).
  • Asian Evening Buffet: Savour the rich and diverse flavours of our Asian Evening Buffet priced at £23.00 per person (Eligible for 80 guests and based on 80% of total guest numbers).

Total Value with Savings: £14,000.00 | Total Value without Savings: £19,123.00 | Your Total Savings: £5,123.00

* This package is eligible for 2024 only. Minimum wedding spend to qualify £14,000.00. T&C's apply.


Aside from the fact that holding your Wedding Day Celebrations on New Years Eve ensures your event already has excitement and anticipation “built-in”, there are many other reasons to consider New Years Eve as the perfect Wedding Date.

  • Memorable Date: Choosing a New Year's wedding guarantees that your anniversary will forever be etched in your memory and that of your guests.
  • Extended Celebrations: Most venues will want celebrations wrapped up after midnight but on New Years Eve extended licences are generally always available.
  • Festive Charm: A New Year's Eve wedding allows you to add a touch of magic by incorporating elements such as twinkling lights and festive decorations.
  • Double the Cheers: Your wedding becomes a part of the global celebration, adding an extra layer of joy to your special day.

If you're considering a wedding on this special date check out Easthampstead Park, one of the best NYE Wedding Venues offering the perfect setting and package for your celebration.

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new years eve wedding venue rings at easthampstead park in wokingham


As New Year's Eve is a popular time for various celebrations, it's essential to give your guests plenty of notice. Ensure your wedding invitations are sent out well in advance, allowing your loved ones to plan and prioritise your special day ahead of the holiday season.

new years eve wedding celebration first dance rings at easthampstead park in wokingham


Since New Year's Eve celebrations often extend past midnight, ensure you have the necessary permits from your venue to keep the festivities going. This way you can continue partying on into the early hours, providing an extended and memorable time for everyone involved.

new years eve wedding venue countdown at easthampstead park in wokingham


Incorporate a countdown to midnight feature into your wedding timeline. This could be as simple as a projected timer or a fireworks display. This not only enhances the celebratory atmosphere but also marks the transition into the new chapter of your life as a married couple.


Consider the weather when planning a New Year's Eve wedding. If you're envisioning an outdoor ceremony, be prepared with backup plans for any unexpected weather conditions. Additionally, staying at the venue is advisable, and luckily Easthampstead Park offers superb accommodation.

new years eve wedding cake with sparklers at easthampstead park in wokingham


Embrace the festive spirit by adding touches such as fireworks or sparklers to your New Year's Eve celebration. These elements add a magical and enchanting addition to your wedding, creating unforgettable moments and stunning visuals for you and your guests.


When organising a New Years Eve Wedding, prioritise warmth in your clothing choices. Opt for thicker materials, long-sleeved dresses, and layering to keep warm. Don't overlook accessories like gloves, which not only add elegance but also provide an extra bit of warmth.

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