Father's Day in Wokingham & Bracknell

at Easthampstead Park

What are you doing this Fathers Day 2024 in Berkshire?
Will it be a special time with just your closest family; or a full-on extended family event?

Perhaps you're looking to celebrate Fathers Day in Wokingham or Bracknell this year by dining out with family or friends? If so, why not consider our superb Fathers Day dining options on Sunday June 16th which are already in high demand.

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Father's Day Lunch in Wokingham

Father's Day is BACK big-time this year, and Easthampstead Park looks forward to (hopefully) hosting you, your family here with us this Father's Day in Wokingham.

With Lunch and Dinner options available over the Father's Day Weekend, you'll need to look no further than our Bar or Restaurant offerings for scrumptious Father's Day dining options.

For Dad's with a sweet tooth we also have a wickedly delicious Afternoon Tea available.

Is This The Best Father's Day Dining in Berkshire?

Only you can be the judge of that! Well perhaps your DAD could be the judge?

If you're interested in a large group booking (over 8 people) please contact the sales team today and discover how they can assist in ensuring you have a most memorable of Father's Days here at Easthampstead Park, whether it be lunching, staying, drinking or any other way you choose to celebrate this special day with your Dad.

Alternatively for smaller table bookings simply click on the button below and make a reservation.

Easthampstead Park would love to be able to host your special Dad this upcoming Father's Day in June, and we’d love to welcome you, and your family, to celebrate this very special day here with us over a very special lunch or dinner!

Father's Day Menu

Make Father's Day unforgettable with our special menu! Indulge in a selection of savory dishes, complemented by their delicious sides. Satisfy Dad's sweet tooth with our delectable dessert options, and toast dad with his favorite drinks. Two and Three course options are available here at Easthampstead Park. so why not book in for a celebration of all the amazing fathers out there today!

Father's Day In Berkshire 2024

A Very Special Fathers Day Dining Experience at Easthampstead Park

Easthampstead Park has long been known for offering delicious gastronomical offerings within their wonderfully inviting Mansion House Hotel location between Bracknell and Wokingham..

We're excited to once again be providing the Best Father's Day Lunch in Berkshire to our wonderful Easthampstead Park clientele, and to all the residents of Berkshre and surrounding counties.

We look forward to welcoming you here to dine with us for Father's Day 2024!


Father's Day in Wokingham

Easthampstead Park is situated right here in central Berkshire, and we believe in providing the best Father's Day options for that special person that truly matters the most on this day. Your Dad!

Spending quality time with family on Fathers's Day couldn't be more important. Sharing stories and laughing around the dinner table, enjoying fabulous food and drink, and creating those awesome memories that makes Fathers's Day such a memorable day each year. You know how special your DAD is and we'd love to show you just how special we can make this day for him.

To enquire please call 01189 74 75 76 or send an email to sales@eastpark.co.uk for any specialty Father's Day questions or requests.

Your DAD Definitely Deserves This!

An Easthampstead Park tradition is our much sought-after Father's Day Sunday Lunch which falls on Sunday June 16th 2024.

This promises to be a wonderfully memorable occasion for the whole family but for your Dad in particular and we look forward to welcoming your family to what has become a highly sought after dining event here with us.

Go on, treat Dad this Father's Day.

To enquire please call 01189 74 75 76 or send an email to sales@eastpark.co.uk for any specialty Father's Day questions or requests.

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Father's Day in Bracknell

All Father's Day in Berkshire 2024 reservations can be booked through our Sales Team should you have any specialty requests.

Please call 01189 74 75 76 or send an enquiry email to sales@eastpark.co.uk to make a Specialty or arge Group Father's Day Booking.


Father's Day in the UK: When is it?

Father's Day in the United Kingdom is celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

2024 Father's Day will be celebrated on Sunday June 16th
2025 Father's Day will be celebrated on Sunday June 15th

Father's Day History

Father's Day in the United Kingdom is a relatively recent holiday, having only been celebrated since the early 20th century.

It's not a public holiday, but it is a day to honor fathers and father figures, such as grandfathers and stepfathers.

Usually celebrated on the third Sunday in June, Father's Day is an occasion for children to show appreciation for their fathers and for adults to recognise the important role that fathers play in society.

Father's Day here in the UK is not as widely celebrated as it is in other countries, such as the United States and throughout other Catholic based countries, but it is still a meaningful and important holiday for many people.

It has been suggested that Father's Day is directly related to St. Joseph, who is a saint in the Catholic Church. St. Joseph is the patron saint of fathers, and his feast day is celebrated on March 19th. However, Father's Day is secular in nature and in reality has nothing to do with religion, and is not directly connected to the celebration of St. Joseph or any other specific saint.

The modern holiday is intended as a way for children to show appreciation and gratitude to their fathers for the love and support they provide. It is also a way for families to come together and celebrate the important role that fathers play in their lives.

Book for Father's Day 2024

If you enjoyed your Father's Day 2023 experience with us here at Easthampstead Park then we’d love you to consider rebooking for an equally special Father's Day lunch in 2024.

Why not contact the sales department and ask about our Father's Day 2023 rebooking offers. sales@eastpark.co.uk

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