What is Twixmas? An Unusual Festive Expression [EXPLAINED]

What, When & Why Twixmas Is Now A "Thing"

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Twixmas refers to the period between Christmas and New Year's Day, typically from December 26th to December 31st. It's a time when people take a break from the hectic festivities of Christmas and relax before the start of the new year.
But the intriguing question remains: when did this delightful term, Twixmas, become as commonplace as it is today, and who can be credited with its invention?

Well, in this Twixmas exploration, we'll delve into the origins of the word, uncover the story behind this unique holiday concept and fully explain what it's actually all about.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

The History of Twixmas?

Twixmas, also known as the "festive gap" (doesn’t sound anywhere near as fun does it?), we know is that lull period between Xmas and New Year.

It’s become a sort of a “down” time when people take a break from the hustle and bustle of the festive holiday season and embrace a little relaxation before the New Year begins. 

But although the term "Twixmas" is relatively new, there's no doubt that the concept definitely goes back for centuries. 

In medieval times, there were often extended celebrations that lasted for several days after Christmas where the common land workers took time to rest, reflect and enjoy the company of loved ones.

In the 1800s, as the aristocracy embraced this period between Christmas and New Year, eventually the period turned social and often included further partying, social outings, shopping & more!

Thankfully for most of us who now live in these extraordinary, yet very busy times, Twixmas seems to have reverted back to more of a relaxing break time.

What is Twixmas featuring people relaxing near a Christmas Tree

Is Twixmas a Real Word?

Twixmas may sound like a made-up word, and let's be honest here, it is!

Whilst not found in any reputable or official dictionary, the word is mentioned in the Wiktionary and in the Urban Dictionary.

Does that make it a real word? We’ll leave that for you to decide!

Twixmas is actually an emergence of a linguistic fusion in the form of what's called a “Portmanteau”, which is a clever melding of the essence of two distinct words into a single, innovative term.

Much like we do with the word “Brunch” or “Brexit”

The word Twixmas no doubt derived in part from the Old English word 'betwixt' which had a literal meaning of between!

Who Invented Twixmas?

The term "Twixmas" certainly may sound unfamiliar to some and without doubt, it’s gained massive popularity in recent years.

Hard to believe some people have yet to even hear of the word!

While there isn't a specific individual credited with inventing Twixmas, the concept itself has roots in various cultural traditions as we’ve already identified.

Some say the term was invented by salespeople, however, there’s no evidence to suggest that its origin is directly linked to a marketing or sales strategy.

So, whether you enjoy staying at home, taking walks, or indulging in your favourite hobbies, Twixmas is an opportunity to unwind and embrace the peaceful moments between the holiday hustle and bustle.

Unless you actually see shopping as a relaxing pastime in which case perhaps those “salespeople” weren't too far off the mark!

Twixmas Activities & Traditions | How Do People Spend Their Time During Twixmas?

During Twixmas, many people choose to use this downtime to spend quality time with loved ones, catch up on sleep, and recharge their batteries. It’s a time to unwind and enjoy leisure activities without the pressure and expectations of the Christmas season.

Relaxation and switching off during this period
The Twixmas period provides an opportunity for people to take a breather and focus on self-care. 
It's a time to switch off from work and everyday stresses, allowing individuals to rejuvenate their minds and bodies for the upcoming year.
Examples of Activities & Events During Twixmas
People engage in various activities during Twixmas, including going for nature walks, enjoying holiday movies, reading books, playing board games, and visiting friends and family. 
Some may also take advantage of post-Christmas sales or participate in local events and festivities.
Really, whatever pastime or hobby that you personally enjoy, is where you should be focussing your attention to get the best out of the Twixmas period.

Twixmas In the Tourism & Retail Industries

Twixmas has emerged as a somewhat unusual yet intriguing festive selling point for business in recent years. Following are some key points regarding the more commercial aspect to that period between Xmas and New Year.

How Twixmas Is Utilised in Advertising & Promotions
Many businesses in the retail & tourism sectors take advantage of Twixmas to promote their services by offering special deals, discounts, and packages in sales that usually occur on Boxing Day and run for a week or so.
Every year you can imagine just how lucrative it can be to attract visitors and encourage them to explore destinations whilst at the same time freely using their spending power during this period.
Twixmas Breaks & Getaways
Twixmas breaks have become popular among those seeking a short vacation or getaway. 
They allow people to recharge and enjoy a peaceful break after the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Hotels, resorts, and holiday destinations often create tailored packages to cater to these travellers.

What Is Twixmas Explained featuring a festive Time for a break Sign

Twixmas Is The Perfect Time To Switch Off

Taking a relaxing break during Twixmas allows you to unwind, reflect on the past year, and set intentions for the year ahead. By taking this time to rejuvenate, you'll start the new year with a refreshed mind and renewed energy.
So, embrace Twixmas as an opportunity to fully relax and indulge in self-care. It's the perfect moment to switch off from the demands of daily life and prioritise your well-being.

Twixmas: Fully Explained! 

Well, there you have it, we’ve pretty much covered all you need to know about Twixmas including the two big reveals of What is Twixmas and When is Twixmas? It’s an unusual but delightful festive expression for a period where the pressure of gift-giving and elaborate celebrations is at a low point.

Embracing Twixmas allows people to recharge and prepare for the upcoming year. So, instead of rushing into the hustle and bustle of the next holiday this year, why not take the time to appreciate the calm and tranquillity that Twixmas can (potentially) bring. It's a unique opportunity to reflect, indulge in self-care, and simply enjoy the present moment.

Cheers and thanks for reading.


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Q: Why Do They Call It Twixmas?
A: Because it means "between" well not exactly, but sort of! The word refers to the period "between" Christmas and New Year and is derived from the ancient word "betwixt" which literally does mean "between".

Q: What Do People Do During Twixmas?
A: Whatever "floats their boat" so to speak! It's meant to be a time for relaxation before the start of what will likely be an even more hectic New Year. So whatever it is that relaxes you personally, get into it!

Q: Are Twimas Hotel Breaks Popular In The UK
A: Twixmas Breaks in the UK have become increasingly popular in the past decade which is why we now offer some great value Twixmas Break packages here at Easthampstead Park in Berkshire.

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