Popular Turkish Wedding Traditions & Customs [EXPLAINED]

What You May Encounter At A Traditional Turkish Wedding

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If you're attending a Turkish wedding for the first time, we've compiled a list of popular traditions and customs you might experience.

At Easthampstead Park, we’re experienced in hosting Turkish weddings and look forward to sharing our knowledge with you. Read on to discover more!

Flag-Planting Ceremony

Flag planting Turkish Wedding Tradition

To kick off the wedding day, the groom and his friends engage in the traditional "flag-planting" ceremony at dawn. 

This meaningful ritual involves the men in the wedding party gathering for an early morning prayer session.

Following the prayers they proceed to plant a Turkish flag at the highest point near the couple's home.

This symbolic act marks the beginning of the celebrations and signifies strength, unity, and the couple's new journey together.

Gazing Into Mirror Tradition

Bride gazing into mirror Turkish Wedding Tradition

Before departing from her family's home the bride takes a moment to gaze into a mirror, envisioning the path ahead to a long and happy marriage,

This reflective tradition allows her to mentally prepare for the significant journey she is about to embark on filled with love, joy, and lifelong commitment. 

Bride Pickup Tradition

Bride Pickup Turkish Wedding Tradition

In the tradition known as the "bride pickup," the bride is escorted from her family home on a horse or decorated car.

The air is filled with the vibrant Davul Zurna music and the bride-to-be proudly waves the Turkish flag, a cherished gift from her groom. 

Stepping On Feet Superstition

Stepping on feet Turkish Wedding Tradition

During the wedding ceremony the bride and groom partake exchange vows and engage in a unique tradition.

As they stand before a witness and a local authority the couple steps on each other's feet.

Whoever steps on each other feet's first is believed to signify which partner will hold the final say in the marriage.

Red Ribbon Tradition

Red ribbon Turkish Wedding Tradition

Following the heartfelt ceremony the lively wedding reception begins. The newlyweds go around greeting each guest and receiving gifts.

Amidst the festivities the guests pin gold coins or money to the red ribbon tied around the bride. 

Single Women's Names On Brides Shoe

Single Womens names on brides shoe Turkish Wedding Tradition

In Turkish tradition the bride tosses the bouquet into a crowd of unmarried women.

She also inscribes the names of all the single women in the wedding party on the sole of her shoe and carries on with the celebration.

It's thought that the first women's name to rub off will be the next to marry.

Keşkek Dish

Keşkek Dish Turkish wedding tradition

A highlight of Turkish wedding celebrations is the traditional dish known as keşkek.

This hearty stew combines the wholesome flavours of wheat barley and succulent chicken.

What sets this dish apart is the heartfelt preparation process undertaken by the groom and his closest friends.

In the days leading up to the grand celebration they come together to grind the barley. 


We hope you enjoyed our article on "Popular Turkish Wedding Traditions & Customs".

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To: Turkish Wedding Traditions & Customs

Q: What is a traditional Turkish wedding like?
A: Turkish weddings are often filled with beautiful traditions and customs, spanning one to three days. Couples may choose a religious or civil ceremony to mark their union.

Q: What is the traditional gift for a Turkish wedding?
A: Wedding guests often present the bride and groom with gifts of gold or money. 

Q: What are some Turkish Prewedding Traditions?
A: Here are some pre-wedding Turkish traditions. While you might anticipate the ring exchange during the wedding ceremony, Turkish weddings often follow a different practice. Rings are not exchanged on the wedding day but during the engagement instead. Additionally, at the pre-wedding party the bride-to-be and her loved ones partake in Henna Night (Kına Gecesi) the evening before the wedding. This tradition dates back centuries and involves applying henna to the bride's palm and groom's pinkie finger while enjoying listening to folk songs.