Why Do Brides Wear Something Blue?

Something Blue Wedding Tradition Explained, Something Blue Ideas & More!

Bride holding blue bouquet

The famous rhyme "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe" was a superstition followed by brides and grooms during the Victorian Era. The bride wore something blue in hope of a successful marriage.

The wedding tradition remains popular today as we've witnessed countless brides at Easthampstead Park incorporating something blue.

Keep reading to explore further into why brides wear something blue and discover fantastic ideas for including this colour in your special day!

What Is The Point Of Something Blue?

The tradition of wearing something blue traces its origins to the rhyme mentioned earlier which can be dated back to Lancashire, England in the late 1800s. 

The oldest written reference to this tradition can be found in an 1871 issue of St. James Magazine. 

As previously mentioned, couples follow this wedding custom in the hopes of inviting good luck. The colour blue symbolises "fidelity and love's purity." 

Additionally, it was a popular choice before the white wedding dress trend. Something blue is intended to serve as an item to "ward off the evil eye."

Something Blue Ideas

We've put together a list of 15 simple ways to add something blue to your wedding day. These ideas include:

1. Blue jewellery: Wearing a blue piece of jewellery can be an elegant way to incorporate something blue into your bridal look.

blue diamond earrings on bride at easthampstead park in berkshire

2. Blue garter: A blue garter hidden under your wedding dress is a traditional choice for the bride's something blue.

blue garter

3. Blue bouquet: A blue bouquet of flowers can add a vibrant pop of colour to your outfit.

blue bouquet with bride holding it

4. Blue gem wedding ring: Consider a blue gem like a sapphire in your wedding ring.

blue sapphire wedding ring

5. Blue wedding decorations: Decorating your wedding venue with blue decorations is a great way to incorporate something blue without wearing it.

blue floral centrepiece

6. Blue bridesmaid dresses: Dress your bridesmaids in a lovely shade of blue.

blue bridesmaid dresses

7. Blue lingerie: Wearing blue lingerie under your dress is a discreet way to include the colour in your attire

blue underwear and bra

8. Blue shoes: A pair of blue shoes can be a stylish and chic choice for something blue that's easy to show off.

blue brides shoes

9. Blue veil: If you're wearing a veil you can have a touch of blue incorporated into its design.

blue diamons on brides wedding veil

10. Blue eye makeup: Blue eye makeup can be a striking and modern way to add the colour to your bridal look.

blue eye shadow on bride

11. Blue wedding cake: A blue wedding cake becomes a delicious centrepiece and a delightful choice for your something blue.

blue wedding cake

12. Blue cocktails: Offering blue cocktails at your reception adds a fun twist to your wedding drinks.

blue wedding cocktails

13. Blue wedding invitations: Incorporate blue into your wedding invitations. 

blue wedding invite

14. Blue wedding car: Hire a blue car for your wedding day and arrive in style.

blue wedding car

15. Blue wedding dress: Opting for a blue wedding dress is a bold and memorable choice for brides who adore the colour.

blue wedding dress

Last Minute Something Blue Ideas

If you've had a last-minute inspiration to include "something blue" on your wedding day, don't fret! We've put together a list of creative ideas to add that special touch:

1. Blue nail polish: Paint your nails with a lovely shade of blue adding a hint of colour to your bridal look.

sparkly blue wedding nails

2.Blue underwear: Wearing blue underwear is a discreet choice but a great way to subtly incorporate the colour.

blue underwear

3. Blue hair accessory: Incorporate a blue hairpin or blue ribbon into your hairstyle.

blue hair ribbon

4. Blue jewellery: Wear a blue piece of jewellery like a sapphire bracelet or earrings to showcase your something blue with elegance and sophistication.

blue bracelet

We hope you enjoyed our article on "Why Does A Bride Wear Blue?."

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To: Why Do Brides Wear Something Blue?

Q: Why do brides have to wear blue?
A: Brides are not obligated to wear something blue. It's entirely up to them whether they want to follow this popular wedding tradition or not it's a personal choice.

Q: Where did the something blue wedding tradition come from?
A: The rhyme "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe" originated in England during the Victorian Era. It was a way to bring good luck to a bride and groom on their wedding day.

Q: Can you ask someone to be your something blue?
A: There's no strict rule that the bride must wear blue. Nowadays, it's becoming more and more common for brides to invite specific people to wear blue on their wedding day, or even have their bridesmaids dressed in that colour.

Q: What is something blue for a bride?
A: Brides have a variety of options when it comes to incorporating "something blue" into their wedding. They can wear a blue garter or choose a piece of blue jewellery. Another idea is to decorate the wedding aisle with blue flowers or have the bridesmaids dressed in that colour. However a bride decides to include "something blue" in her special day is entirely her choice.

Q: Who gives the bride something borrowed something blue?
A: Traditionally, female relatives and friends give these items to the bride.