Which Countries Wear Wedding Ring On Their Right Hand?

History, Significance & More!

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Throughout history people wore wedding rings on various fingers, including the thumb. The finger you wear your marriage ring on today is often influenced by your culture.

Here at Easthampstead park we love all things weddings and being a renowned Berkshire Wedding Venue, we thought to share some wisdom on which countries wear a wedding ring on their right hand. Read on to discover!

Countries That Wear Wedding Ring On Right Hand

In modern times people usually wear wedding rings on the fourth finger (ring finger) of their left hand. 

However, in certain countries like India, Germany, Spain, Norway, and Russia, they wear wedding rings on their right hand. Cultural norms often shape this tradition.

Nowadays many couples are making their own rules and creating their own meanings for wearing a wedding ring on the right hand.

Wedding Ring On Right Hand Meaning

The meaning of wearing a ring on the right hand isn't the same everywhere and it varies between cultures.

So, if you notice someone wearing a wedding ring on the right hand they might be from a country where this is traditional.

The the way a wedding ring is worn, whether on the right or left hand, symbolises the strong commitment between the couple. 


Is it ok to wear a Wedding Ring on the Right Hand?

The decision of where to wear the wedding ring is totally up to the couple. Wearing the wedding ring on right hand is perfectly fine. 

In fact, by doing this you'd be following the tradition of many couples in countries like Portugal and Greece.

Wedding Ring History

The meaning behind the ring finger goes way back to ancient times

According to legend people thought there was a special vein in the ring finger leading straight to the heart, connecting lovers. The Romans even named it the "Vena Amoris," or vein of love. 

With what we know now about our bodies today we've found that all fingers have veins connected to the heart and unfortunately there’s no one special vein like the legend stated. 

This discovery kind of breaks the sweet idea. Still, many couples stick to the tradition and choose the left-hand ring finger to show their commitment to each other.


What Hand does a Wedding Ring go on?

Traditionally, people wear the wedding ring on their left hand. However, as mentioned before it's not the same everywhere.  

In various countries and cultures many couples choose to wear their wedding rings on the right hand instead.

No matter which hand couples choose wearing a wedding ring shows commitment and love

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To: Which Countries Wear Wedding Ring On Right Hand?

Q: Do the British wear wedding rings on right hand?
A: In much of the UK it's a tradition to wear the wedding ring on the left hand.

Q: What hand do Catholics wear wedding rings?
A: As the Roman empire spread it's influence the idea of wearing a ring on the fourth finger of the left hand became more popular. The Catholic Church started following this practice, using rings to represent the connection between two people in marriage.

Q: Why are wedding rings worn on the right hand in Europe?
A: Couples in Germany, Spain and a many other European countries wear wedding rings on their right hands due to different cultural norms and traditions.