What Is Mehndi?

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"Mehndi," also known as "Mehendi" or "Henna," is a traditional form of body art and a cultural practice often associated with South Asian and Middle Eastern countries. 

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What Is Mehndi Made Of?

Mehndi involves applying a paste made from crushed henna plant leaves to the skin. This paste creates a temporary stain on the skin with the colour ranging from light orange to dark brown. 

The specific shade depends on the henna's quality and how long its left on the skin. Applying mehndi can take several hours depending on how intricate the design is. 

mehndi on brides hands and arms at easthampstead park in berkshire

What Is A Mehndi Ceremony?

Mehndi is an essential part of many celebrations, especially weddings and festivals in South Asian cultures. 

During the mehndi ceremony the bride and her female friends and family gather to apply mehndi designs to their hands and often the bride's feet are adorned too. 

The application of mehndi is seen as a symbol of joy, beauty, and auspiciousness. 

Traditional songs fill the air with everyone joining in to sing and dance. And there's usually a delightful variety of Indian food making it a truly fun-filled event.
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Frequently Asked Questions Related To: What Is Mehndi?

Q: What is the purpose of mehndi?
A: The application of mehndi paste to the skin is seen as a symbol of joy, beauty, and auspiciousness. 

Q: What happens in a mehndi ceremony?
A: At the mehndi ceremony, the bride and her female friends and family come together to put mehndi on their hands, and sometimes on the bride's feet. Traditional songs play and everyone sings and dances. There's also a delicious spread of Indian food.

Q: Is mehndi just for weddings?
A: Mehendi isn't only for weddings. It's a vital part of many celebrations including festivals. Interestingly, people in warmer regions like Africa have also been using henna paste for centuries because of its natural cooling properties

Q: Do men attend mehndi parties?
A: Traditionally, men don't participate in mehndi parties. Instead, mothers, bridesmaids, and other close female family members and friends are the attendees. However, in some modern mehndi parties this guideline isn't always followed.

Q: What to wear to a mehndi party?
A: Mehndi party attire commonly features vibrant colours like green, orange, yellow, and pink. Sometimes the bride may ask her family to wear a specific colour to distinguish their side of the family.

Q: What is henna made from?
A: Henna is made from the crushed leaves of the Lawsonia inermis plant.

Q: Do I bring a gift to a mehndi party?
A: At the Mehndi party you don't need to bring gifts as that happens at the wedding. This event is all about offering good wishes to the bride and celebrating her upcoming marriage.