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Your Dream, Our Venue! At Easthampstead Park we provide exquisite event spaces, flexible wedding options, attentive service, and a wealth of expertise in hosting traditional Indian weddings. 

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Experience One Of The Finest Indian Wedding Venues In Berkshire

Experience the luxury of weddings at Easthampstead Park, one of Berkshire's finest Indian wedding venues.

Nestled amidst stunning countryside surroundings, our venue offers a picturesque setting for your celebrations.

Enjoy flexible wedding options from wedding packages to the possibility of exclusive use. And with our stunning array of elegant event spaces, you will be impressed the moment you walk in. 

Discover the magic of Easthampstead Park for yourself by booking a show round today!

Best Indian Wedding Venues Near London

We're just an hour away from central London

Looking for an incredible Indian Wedding Venue Near London?

Look no further than Easthampstead Park! Conveniently located near the M25, M3, and M4, with excellent access to Bracknell and Wokingham via public transport, we're just an hour's drive from central London.

We're surrounded by tranquil countryside, yet provide easy access for you and your guests on the day. 

Why Easthampstead Park Is Your Ultimate Indian Wedding Destination

  1. We Have The Space: From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, Easthampstead Park and The King Suite offer exceptional spaces tailored specifically for traditional Indian weddings. 
  2. Onsite Accommodation: Hotel accommodation may be booked in conjunction with your wedding, subject to our availability. Each of our bedrooms provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for resting after the festivities. 
  3. Sacred Ceremonies & Traditions: Easthampstead Park provides a picturesque backdrop for traditional Indian wedding ceremonies, including the sacred rituals of Kanya Aagaman and Jai Mala. 
  4. Great Wedding Team: We're always here to listen and help in any way we can from answering questions to providing inspiration for your big day. 
  5. Gorgeous Surroundings: Surrounded by 80 acres of gorgeous gardens and woodlands, the photo opportunites at Easthampstead Park are limitless. 
  6. We're Easy To Get To: Located near central London with easy access to major road connections, you and your guests can easily get to us. 
  7. Personalised Service: Our team always goes above and beyond to ensure your dream day is delivered. Choose from wedding packages, dry hire or exclusive use  of our venue. 

Indian Wedding Traditions

Wedding Date

Pundits are wise spiritual guides that are knowledgeable in astrology. They carefully study the movements to identify the perfect timing for religious wedding ceremonies to take place according to astrological factors.


In India, red is a symbol of good luck, making it a popular choice for wedding attire and decorations. Brides and grooms often wear red outfits and sometimes even the bride's hair is dyed with a hint of red.

Pre-Wedding Celebrations

The main wedding ceremony and reception traditionally take place on the third day. The days leading up to it are filled with smaller events involving both families.


At Indian weddings the groom's arrival is a highly anticipated event, marked by joy and celebration. Whether he comes in a stylish car or on horseback, guests cheer as he makes his way.

Kanya Aagaman

As the wedding ceremony nears, the bride gets ready to walk down the aisle, known as the kanya aagaman. She is typically escorted by her uncle or oldest male relative, and in some customs, she is gracefully carried in a ritual called kanya daan.

Jai Mala

The jai mala ceremony may take place and its a significant moment where the bride and groom exchange beautiful flower garlands. Along with the garlands, the groom may gift his bride a mangal sutra necklace.

Saptapadi Steps

In the saptapadi the bride and groom take seven important steps together, symbolising their journey as a newly united couple entering married life. These steps mark their commitment to walk the path of matrimony together, embarking on a shared journey filled with love and partnership.


As the wedding ceremonies conclude and the couple is declared newlyweds, they walk down the aisle while being showered with vibrant rose petals. 

Wedding Party

The wedding festivities are usually very lively and the celebrations last until the early hours of the morning. Beautiful decorations, live entertainment and lots of food!

The Food

At Indian weddings the food is an important part. Enjoy a selection of culinary delights like the beloved favorite Daal Makhani, often accompanied by freshly baked naan bread or fragrant steamed rice.

Plenty Of Dancing

The dance floor is alive with energy as guests join in the festivities, and occasionally, the couple showcases their specially choreographed routine, adding a unique and personal touch to the celebration.

Pranks On The Groom

During wedding celebrations, the bride's family may playfully engage in antics like teasingly hiding the groom's belongings, adding a fun and lighthearted atmosphere to the occasion.

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